The Like Marathon is a competition between players where you need to climb the rankings by getting likes. Players in the top spots receive a reward at the end of the event.
The Like Marathon is held in the most recently available restaurant and also in levels of the Food Truck, Turbo Chef Mode, and Creighton's Challenge events.
How do I get likes?
To get likes, you need to serve customers with a full mood meter (maximum number of hearts) in your most recently available restaurant.
What are Like Marathon leagues?
Leagues are groups of players formed based on the number of likes they've earned. The size of the reward received once the Like Marathon is over depends on which spot and league a player is in.
There are 7 leagues in the game:
1) New Star, the league all players start in
2) Rising Star
3) Bright Star
4) Shining Star
5) Guiding Star
6) Dazzling Star
7) Intergalactic Star, the league where players get the most valuable reward.
How do I climb up the leagues?
To move up to the next league, you must place in one of the spots with a green arrow and stay there until the timer runs out. You will move up to the next league at the beginning of the next Like Marathon.