Path to Glory is a time-limited event that occasionally takes place in the game.
As you make progress along event levels, you can receive loads of prizes:
- Exclusive outfits
- Unique furniture and decor for your home
- Boosters
- Rubies
To progress through Path to Glory levels, you must earn glory coins.
How do I get glory coins?
You can get glory coins:
1. as rewards:
- for completing the Megadelivery, Food Truck, Circus Star, Creighton's Challenge, Culinary Tournament, Culinary Experiments, and Like Marathon events
- for progress in the Sugar Rush, Paint Rush, Art Time, and Floral Coziness events
- for completing guild quests
- for completing levels in your most recently opened and available restaurants
- for playing the game every day
2. for serving special customers in hats
3. as a reward for sending help to friends and filling the progress meter on the TastyMe social network.
What's the difference between the Silver and Golden Tracks of the Path to Glory?
Complete Path to Glory levels to get the tracks' prizes.
Silver Track prizes are guaranteed, but you can always get more prizes by unlocking the Golden Track.
To unlock the Golden Track, you must purchase a Golden Ticket.
Please note that you make progress along the Silver and Golden Tracks simultaneously, level progress is counted simultaneously.
What's a Golden Ticket?
If you purchase a Golden Ticket, you get access to all the Golden Track prizes and, most importantly, to the exclusive main prize!
You can buy a Premium Ticket to move several levels along the Golden Track immediately!
The Premium Ticket will also unlock all the Golden Track prizes.

IMPORTANT! The Premium Ticket can only be bought up to level 39 of Path to Glory.
What happens if I don't complete all the Path to Glory levels?
You'll get prizes for all the levels you've completed, with a purchased Golden Ticket taken into account.
IMPORTANT! Once the event is over, all your glory coins will expire.