There are several kinds of boosters in the game.

Super boosters, which can be activated before the start of a level or in the pause window:
- Patient Customers - customer waiting time increases, and your customers' mood will decrease more slowly for the whole level.

Turbo Skates - accelerate your movement around the kitchen for the whole level. They will help you serve customers much faster.

Megapan - for the whole level, your food and drinks will cook instantly and not burn.

Double Profits - makes you earn more coins during the whole level.

You can get them by tapping the super boosters button before the start of a level or in the pause window.

Boosters that can be activated during a level:
Candy: fully restores your customers' patience. It works on all customers near the counter simultaneously.

Wonder Dish: use this to fill any customer's entire order, no matter how many dishes they ordered.
Freeze - stop the level timer for a period of time.

Super Delivery is a booster that allows you to serve all the customers at the counter at once.

You can get these boosters while you're in a level.

Boosters that can only be activated when you lose a level:
  • Extra Time and Customers: gives you 30 extra seconds and three extra customers.
    This booster will be offered automatically if you run out of time on a level and don't have enough coins to win.
  • Second Chance: if you lose a level with an extra goal (Super Service, Where There's Smoke, Good Mood Food, or Sustainable Dining), you can use the Second Chance booster to continue playing.