You can get super boosters in several ways:
1. By purchasing them at the Store
2. By buying a bundle with boosters at the Bank
3. By winning them on the Wheel of Fortune
4. By charging the meter with lightning bolts and activating a super booster before a level starts or in the pause window

To purchase super boosters at the Store:
1. Tap the restaurant store button
2. Go to the Boosters tab
3. Select the super booster you need
You can also get super boosters by charging them with lightning bolts.
Lightning bolts can be obtained:
- As a reward in game events and competitions
- As a prize on the Wheel of Fortune

You can determine the number of lightning bolts you've collected in two ways:
1. By seeing it when the lightning bolts are added to your energy meter
2. By tapping the super booster info window in the assistant selection menu.

Each super booster has its own energy meter:
- Turbo Skates

- Patient Customers

- Megapan

- Double Profits