Turbo Chef Mode is a regular game event/competition.
In Turbo Chef Mode, your task is to earn as many points as you can by completing a specific quest. The quest itself consists of several stages. You get a reward for completing each of the stages.

Turbo Chef mode features:
• Infinite number of customers
• Infinite time
• Gradually increasing difficulty
• Combo orders don't count
• Constant presence of special customers
• Additional goals
• Customers' coins are automatically collected but are not awarded to you at the end of a level

Please note that when completing levels in Turbo Chef mode:
- All boosters except Freeze are available
- You won't be able to contribute to guild quests in which you need to earn coins or complete combo orders

After completing all the stages of the quest, you get the opportunity to compete against other players for spots on the Culinary Bulletin's list of the TOP 100 best chefs. When the event timer is over, all the players who got into the TOP 100 receive a reward.
The player who took first place gets a picture of their character on the cover of the Culinary Bulletin magazine.

To take part in the event, you need to accumulate the required number of tickets by completing levels in any restaurant or food truck.
The competition event is available to players who have completed all the restaurants in the game.
Please note that you don't get coins for completing levels in Turbo Chef mode.
IMPORTANT! Once the event is over, your tickets will expire.