From time to time, special customers come to the restaurant. You can recognize them by the special color of their orders.

Types of special customers:

- Impatient businessman.
This customer is unwilling to wait very long for his food. You'd better serve him first, or he might leave.

- Forgetful geek.
This customer has a bad memory, so he often forgets his order. You need to remember it for him. You can give him his dishes any time.

- Indecisive teenager.
This customer will take a long time to choose one dish after another. Be ready to wait for her order.

- Loyal friend.
This customer absolutely loves your food! A loyal friend will accept any dish, including snacks and drinks.

- Fun customer.
Serve this customer quickly, and they'll boost the mood of everyone around! But, if a fun customer leaves unhappy, then the other customers' moods won't increase.

- Annoying narcissist.
These customers have no tact, which is why they will come up to the counter and place orders even if there's a tip on it.

- Picky cowboy.
These customers have ever-changing tastes. Hurry and serve him before he changes his order.

- Gluttonous yeti.
It's hard for these customers to satisfy their appetite, so they need more dishes than a regular customer to feel full. After getting his first order, a gluttonous customer is sure to order more.

- Generous aristocrat.
This type of customer values his time more than anything. Give him first-class service, and he will thank you with a generous tip.

- Rushing blogger.
This customer is always very busy and eats on the go. Serve her any snack to complete her order.

- Drink taste tester.
This customer prefers having lunch at home, so the only thing she orders at restaurants is drinks. Serve her any drink to complete her order.