Tasty Hills Secrets is a seasonal event that tells characters' unique stories.

The grand prize is a unique assistant.
To get a unique assistant, complete the entire story.
You will play each new story in a special seasonal restaurant. It will be upgraded automatically. Completing levels there is also counted in guild quests.
What are tokens?
You need tokens to complete levels at a restaurant featured in the event.
Tokens are an event's special currency, which allows you to uncover the secret histories of Tasty Hills.

Tokens obtained during one story cannot be used in any other story. Therefore, all tokens will be reset at the end of the event.
How do I get tokens?
To get tokens, complete season quests.
What is Cat's Secrets?
Cat's Secrets is a time-limited offer from the Kittybank that allows you to purchase tokens for the Tasty Hills Secrets event at a discount.
Complete levels and save up bonus tokens while the offer is active to purchase them at a bargain price.
How do I save up bonus tokens?
To save up bonus tokens, complete restaurant levels. As soon as you accumulate the required number of tokens, you'll be able to purchase them at a bargain price.
How do I purchase bonus tokens?
To purchase tokens, you must save up the minimum number of tokens required.
To purchase tokens with maximum savings, save up more tokens by completing levels.
What are event restaurant boosters?
Event restaurant boosters are randomly assigned and affect the level stats when you win.
Hint: Level stats are counted in guild quests (provided that the booster and quest match), and also in the TOP rankings of the event.
What's a unique assistant?
A unique assistant is the main reward of an event.
To get a unique assistant, complete the entire story.
Choose a unique assistant and both their boosters will help you pass the level.
After being used in a level, a unique assistant will need to rest. Once the break is over, you can use their help again.
How do I become one of the TOP players?
The TOP players list is a rating system among players who complete event levels.
To unlock the TOP players list, you need to reach the 5th chapter of the story.
All players who have unlocked the TOP players list automatically take part in it.
A place in the TOP players list is calculated by the number of event points earned. To earn as many points as possible, complete seasonal restaurant levels.
Once the event is over, the TOP 1,000 players will be determined.
Players who make it into the TOP 1,000 will receive the following rewards:
- Places 1 through 100: a royal podium and a golden name
- Places 101 through 500: a ruby podium and a golden name
- Places 501 through 1,000: an emerald podium and a golden name.
A podium and a golden name are rewards that are given at the end of the event. They will be valid for the next season of the event.

The rewards will expire after a new list of TOP 1,000 players is determined.