Pet Race is a time-limited game event where players compete with each other.

To receive a prize, you need to gain points in your most recently available restaurant and advance your pet along the track. Players with the most points will get a reward for the competition.
How do I earn points in Pet Race?
To accumulate event points, complete levels in your most recently available restaurant faster than other players. The points you earn will make your pet advance along the track.

You will receive a reward if you reach the finish line before your rivals.
How do I get a prize in Pet Race?
The event has three winners. The winners of Pet Race are determined by the points earned by fulfilling the conditions of the competition.
How do I replay Pet Race?
A race can be completed before the end of the event's main time. If you do so, you can start a new race with other rivals for rubies.
Please note! The time of the Pet Race event is limited. If participants don't earn the required number of points to win, none of the players will receive a reward for participation.
Pet Race will be available once you have a pet.
You can get a pet:
• As a Golden Ticket prize in Path to Glory
• By reaching level 15 in the Sakura restaurant