Stock Exchange is a time-limited event that occasionally takes place in the game. Invest, increase a restaurant's stock value, and get great prizes!

To get rewards, complete levels at the restaurant featured in the event.

What are share points?
Share points are the value of shares.

The more share points you get, the more profits you can make selling shares, and you'll get valuable prizes too.

Every time you win a level, you get more share points. If you lose, your share points go down.

If the arrow on the chart is going up, that means the value of your shares is increasing. If it goes down, the value of your shares is decreasing.

Try to keep your share price going up to get the best rewards.

How do you invest in a level?
Before a level starts at a restaurant featured in the event, you can invest rubies.

If you win the level, you'll get twice as many share points as you would otherwise. If you lose, your share points for the level will decrease as usual.

Keep in mind that you'll lose rubies either way.

If you have more than six hundred share points, you can complete the event and collect the rewards you've earned.

However, you will have to pay if you decide to play the event again.