Hand of Fortune is a competition between two players, where each player chooses one of the three gestures—rock, paper, or scissors. Then you see whose gesture wins.

Gesture rules:
1. Rock is stronger than scissors.
2. Scissors are stronger than paper.
3. Paper is stronger than rock.

The player who wins three rounds wins the game. There can be five rounds in total.

If players choose the same gesture (for example, two papers), then it is considered a draw.

How do I start a Hand of Fortune game?

You can play with your TastyMe friend or a random player. To do this, you should:
1. Open the City tab on TastyMe.

2. Tap the icon of the Park public space to go there.

3. Tap the Hand of Fortune arcade game in the top right-hand corner.

4. Select Invite a Friend or Random Player.

5. If you tapped Invite a Friend, select them from the list of TastyMe friends.