Megadelivery is a time-limited event in the game where you and your guildmates must complete food delivery orders and collect review stars. All the stars collected make up the total amount of the guild's stars.
To receive a reward from the shared chest, guildmates need to complete as many goals as possible and earn at least one review star. The more goals completed, the more rewards accumulate in the chest and are given out at the end of the event.
Megadelivery is only active between main guild quests.
A food delivery order will be canceled if you don't manage to complete its goals within two hours. You will get a new order when you open the Megadelivery window or start collecting delivery items.
How do I deliver food?
  • To start the Megadelivery event, you must obtain special delivery items. 
  • The happier the customer, the greater your chance of getting a delivery item and earning a review star.
  • Go to the main menu, where you will receive a food delivery order, and then tap the Fill Order button.
  • You will receive a star-rated review when the order is complete. The number of stars depends on the speed the order was fulfilled.

What does the Megadelivery label on a restaurant mean?

The gold and blue labels mark restaurants in which you can collect review stars. You can earn more stars in restaurants with gold labels.

If the restaurant is part of the Megadelivery event, then the label will be visible in the assistant-selection window.

What is the Magic Clover?
The Magic Clover is a booster that increases your and your guildmates' chances of receiving delivery items during a level.