The City is a set of special locations designed for live communication with other players. There are a total of three public spaces: Club, Park, and Downtown. In any of them you can communicate with your friends and other players.

How do I get to the City?

You can get to the City via TastyMe. To do this, follow these steps:
1. Go to the City tab on TastyMe.
2. You'll see the locations available for visiting: Club, Park, and Downtown.
3. Tap the icon of the selected public space to go there.
4. After that, you'll go to the selected area, and you can start messaging.

How do I communicate in the City?

When you're in a public space, you can communicate with other players in a general chat. To do this, write your message in the chat room and send it. Other players will see your message.

In addition to text messages, you can use reactions and emotes.

How do I use reactions?

When communicating in the City, you can use reactions.
There are four reactions available:
- Greet
- Wink
- Approve
- Hug

If you want to react, do the following:
1. Tap a player's character to whom you want to show your reaction—this will open their profile.
2. Select the reaction you prefer.
The reaction will be activated.

How do I use emotes?

When communicating with other players in the City, you can use various emotes.

To view the available emotes, open the Emotes tab in the Store. There you can see the emotes you added to quick access.

You can purchase and change emotes in quick access. To do this, follow these steps:
1. Select an emote and tap the Select button.
2. Swipe the segment where you want to place the selected emote. This way, you'll add the emote to quick access.

You can cancel adding the emote to quick access by tapping anywhere on the screen outside the Emote Wheel.

How do I use emotes in the City?

To use an emote in a public space, do the following:
1. Choose your character.
2. After a long tap, the Emote Wheel will open. Select the desired segment without lifting your finger from the screen.
3. After selecting, lift your finger, and the emote will be sent.

How do I visit friends on TastyMe?

You can visit your friends via TastyMe.

To do this, open TastyMe and select the Friends tab. Then choose the friend you want to visit.

There are two ways you can visit your friend:
1. By tapping the Home button—you'll go to your friend's home.
2. If your friend is currently in a public space, the Visit button will appear. Tapping it will take you to the public space where your friend is and allow you to start your conversation there.

What does status mean on TastyMe?

Status on TastyMe is used so that players can see what their friends are doing in the game.

You can see several types of statuses on TastyMe:
- Online: playing at the... restaurant
Your friend is at a restaurant and completing a level.
- Online: visiting...
Your friend is in a public space. You can join them and start your conversation there.
- Online: home
Your friend is home. You can visit them.

To get up-to-date information about your friends' statuses or to set the current status for your own profile, tap the Refresh button.

How do I visit the City?

To start live communication with other players, select the City tab on TastyMe.

You can visit three public spaces in the City: Club, Park, and Downtown.
After selecting a public space, you'll be moved there and you can start communicating with other players.

How can I stop receiving messages from another player in the City?

While communicating in the City, you can disable messages from one or more participants in the conversation.

If you want to stop receiving messages from a particular player, do the following:
1. Open the profile of the player you want to stop receiving messages from.
2. Tap the Block button.
After that, you'll stop receiving messages, emotes, and reactions from that player.

You can always resume communication if you want to. To do this, go to the player's profile again and tap the Unblock button.

How do I report a message from another player?

While using the group chat, situations may arise where a message posted by another player violates the community guidelines.
If that's the case, you can report the offender at any time.

To submit a report, follow these steps:
1. Use the Report button and flag the message that violates the Cooking Diary community guidelines
2. In the Contact Support window, select at least one reason for the report
3. Submit your report

Please note that you will not be able to use the Report feature more than five times in one week. If you have reached the maximum number of reports and the issue has not been resolved yet, use the Block feature to stop receiving messages from a specific player.