What are talismans?
Talismans can make completing levels significantly quicker and easier.
You can get talismans:
- As a gift for updating the game
- In in-game offers you can purchase.
Unlike boosters, talismans are activated automatically from the moment you receive them and are active in the background until the timer ends.

What talismans are available in the game?
There are several types of talismans in the game.
• Turbo Skates: accelerate your movement around the kitchen. They will help you serve customers much faster.

• Megapan: your food will cook instantly and not burn.

• Patient Customers: customer waiting time will decrease more slowly.

• Double Profits: allow you to earn twice as many coins.

• Instant Delivery: all items from the Store are instantly delivered to a restaurant. The talisman is only available if you buy a Golden Ticket.

If you get the same talisman as the one active at the moment, their duration is added together.