An influx of customers is a special period when your restaurant becomes a lunch break haven for a large number of customers at once!

Influx types

Business Lunch!
During a business lunch, impatient business people who don't like to wait for their order will visit you. Serve them as fast as you can, otherwise these customers will quickly get angry and leave.

Comic Convention!
Forgetful geeks will flock to you. Their memory isn't great, so they often forget what they ordered.

Irresistible Urgency!
Get ready for a crowd of annoying narcissists! These customers have no tact, so they'll come up to the counter and place orders even when there's a tip on it.

Cowboy Lunch!
You will encounter picky cowboys. What's special about them is the timers they always carry with them. Once the timer runs out, these customers will change their orders. Hurry and serve them before the timer goes off!

Mythical Lunch!
Magical customers, including gluttonous yetis, will drop by for a mythical lunch.
A gluttonous yeti is a customer who needs more dishes than a regular customer to feel full. After getting their first order, a gluttonous customer is sure to order more.

Date Time!
Get ready to serve a smitten woman, a cupid, and an annoying narcissist.

Summer Vacation!
During vacation, you will be visited by recent graduates and vacationers from the beach.

Football Season!
Avid football players will drop by. Just serve them on a first come, first served basis.

During lunchtime, any type of customer might visit your restaurant.