Beautiful Mushroom talisman: changes your avatar to a mushroom for 24 hours.

Gremlin's Suitcase chest: when opened, a player gets 5 items from the Fun Prank collection: Sandy Thingy, Shiny Thingy, Stone Thingy, Dark Thingy, and Sticky Thingy.
The reward for assembling it is a Fun Thingy, which summons a random anomaly at a random location.

Tricky Brooch talisman: when used, changes a player's avatar to Grelen the Gremlin for 24 hours.

Deception Glasses talisman: changes the icons of all monsters and Darkwood residents to a random icon of three regular gremlins for 1 hour.

Branches of Honor talisman: gives a player a special avatar frame for 1 hour.