In this puzzle you need to create a string of lightbulbs of the same color. To do this, draw a continuous line linking lightbulbs of the same color. To create a string you need to link at least 3 lightbulbs of the same color.

If you combine 6 lightbulbs of the same color, a special lightbulb will appear randomly on the game board. This special lightbulb can remove an entire horizontal or vertical line of lightbulbs depending on whether the last 2 lightbulbs are connected horizontally or vertically.

By combining 2 or more special lightbulbs you can remove several lines at a time. The special lightbulb will remove the row in which the last lightbulb in the line is located—this way, you can regulate exactly which rows are removed from the board.

There are 3 modes in this puzzle:

- In Plates mode your goal is to remove a certain number of plates from the board.
- In Palette mode you need to collect a certain number of lightbulbs of a specific color to win.
- In Cameo mode, you need to drop cameos into jewelry boxes.

To complete each mode, you are given a certain amount of time or moves.

In addition to regular lightbulbs, there are 4 types of obstacles on the board:

- Cracked plates.
- Solid plates. To break plates, link the lightbulbs on the plates in a line.
- Stones. They can be broken by linking the lightbulbs that are adjacent to them.
- Lightbulbs locked in glass boxes. To break glass boxes, match a string of 3 or more lightbulbs in such a way that the locked lightbulb is the last in the line.

To remove several rows at once, try creating as many special lightbulbs as possible and then connecting them. By choosing which lightbulb is the last in the line, you can control which row will be removed.

When solving this puzzle, you can use the Flying Time and Precise Arrow tools.

1. Flying Time gives you an additional 45 seconds to solve the puzzle.
2. Depending on the mode, the Precise Arrow removes one selected lightbulb from the board or, if required, activates a special lightbulb.