There are 8 sections in your Inventory which can be used differently in the game.

- In the 1st section you can find Talismans and Artifacts.

- In the 2nd section you have your Energy Boosters.

- In the 3rd section there are Tools you can use while exploring scenes and solving puzzles.

- The 4th section is where you can see the Chests you have.

- In 5th section ‘Exchange and Reagents’ you can find items for trading with Residents, banishing Monsters, and crafting items.

- In the 6th section "Anomalies" there are items for summoning and banishing the anomalies.

- In the 7th section ‘Miscellaneous’ you can find fixers for combining Collections and Artifacts.

- In the 8th section ‘Access’ you can find special items for exploring locations.