Collection items can be found while exploring locations, solving puzzles, and charging friends' locations and trophies. Each collection consists of five collection items.

To assemble found items into a collection, you will need fixers. In some cases, up to 4 different types of fixers may be required.

You can find fixers by exploring locations and puzzles. Seekable fixers are shown in the "You Can Find" list in locations' and puzzles' start window.

Some fixers cannot be found until you reach a certain stage in the game that is not determined by your level, but rather the quests you have completed. You can find fixers relating to previous events either randomly or in special chests in the "Chests" section of the Store.

You can also request fixers from friends by adding them to your wishlist. Friends can send you fixers as a free weekly gift. What's more, you can also receive them as a thank-you gift sent in return for gifts sent to your friends.

Once you have obtained all of the items and fixers you need to assemble a collection the "Combine" button next to that collection will turn green. This means that the collection can be assembled.

To see what you will get as a reward for assembling a collection, go to the "Collections" tab. The rewards will be listed above the collection.