You can return an item within 72 hours of purchase if:

🗝️ You encounter a technical problem while completing your purchase. For example, your purchase didn't appear, the wrong item appeared, funds were debited more than once.

🗝️ Your purchase meets each of these conditions:
- The item has been neither partially nor wholly used
- You have not gained any benefit or advantage in the game thanks to this purchase.

To obtain a refund, you can contact us in the following ways:

⚙️ Press on the Help & Support button in the game settings.

⚙️ Send an email to

⚙️ Via social media:
Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter).

When requesting a refund, you will need to provide your Support ID and a screenshot of the payment receipt you received in an email from ✉️

⚡ Please note: we reserve the right to decline a refund request if we notice misuse of refunds on your account.