You may change your name at any time, as well as change your avatar and frame to any in the list of available options.

To do so, you need to tap on your avatar, which is located in the top left-hand corner.

In order to change your name, simply tap the "Edit" button in the subsequent window and enter your new name in the corresponding row.

You can change your avatar in the second tab. If your account is linked to your Facebook, you may choose your avatar from there.

In the third tab, you can select the frame you prefer. Participate in events to receive new avatars and frames!

In the fourth tab, you can select a background for your profile window. You can also buy new backgrounds for silver paws, which are awarded for participation in events or for exploring main event locations.

You can also display your favorite guardians in the profile window. To do so, simply tap on a guardian. You will need silver paws to buy new guardians.

Besides guardians, you can also display a medal, picture, or jewelry box. To do so, simply tap on them.

You can get new medals by completing event quests.

You can get new pictures by participating in the Colorful Adventure mini-event.

You can get new jewelry boxes by completing event quests.

Your profile window is looking really great. Don't forget to share it with your friends!