What is a promo code?🔎

It's a special code that gives you the right to obtain a reward 🎁 or discount on an item in the Seeker's Store in accordance with the conditions of the promotion under which the promo code was obtained.

How do I get a promo code?

To obtain a promo code for a reward or discount, take part in contests, in-game events, and other activities on our game's social media pages. You can find links to our pages in game news in the Community tab 💜

How do I activate a promo code?

🗝️ Obtain your promo code.

🗝️ Go to the
Seeker's Store website.

🗝️ Log in using your email address or social media account.

🗝️ Enter the promo code in the special field on the lower part of the Seeker's Store page.
🗝️ If the promo code is entered correctly, you will see confirmation of it.

⚡ Please note: each promo code has activation dates and conditions of use