Hello, Seekers!💜

Our team is always delighted to receive your messages and ready to assist you with any technical difficulties or errors in the game! Additionally, we would be grateful if you could share your ideas and suggestions for improving the game with us.

 📌 Please note, as a true Seeker  🔎 you might find the answer to your question in our articles!

How to reach us:

🔎 In the game: go to the game settings and choose "Help & Support", then "Contact Us". Choose the appropriate category for your request and follow the instructions in the chat.

🔎 Via social media: send us a private message on our official pages on Facebook, Instagram or X.

🔎 By email: support@mytona.com.

When reaching out to our support team, please provide detailed information about your request or issue so our team can promptly assist you ⚡

We are always happy to receive messages from you! 🎮✨