You can always buy packs of Memento Cards for rubies in the event store. Each pack can be bought a set number of times—the counters for available packs are located right above the packs. If you have bought all available packs, the stock will be restored when the timer runs out.


Exchanging petals

 Cards that you already have may drop from packs. In that case, the duplicate cards turn into petals that you can exchange for various valuable rewards. Go to the Trading tab in the event store to find out what wonderful rewards you can get for petals.

The greater the rarity of the card, the more petals you receive for it:

- regular – 15 petals
- rare – 25 petals
- mythical – 125 petals
- legendary – 250 petals.

Each reward can be purchased a set number of times. At the end of the event, all unspent petals will disappear.

Obtaining and opening packs

Packs can be obtained by exploring the main event location and as rewards for completing mini-events. You can also always obtain packs in the Darkwood Stories Store and at the Bank. Furthermore, packs can also be bought in special offers.

Don't forget to open the packs you obtain to find out which cards you've received. At the end of the event, all unopened packs will disappear.