In Darkwood Stories, you will learn of many interesting events, as well as hearing legends and scary tales! 


 To complete the event and get unique rewards, you need to collect Memento Cards. As you obtain cards, you'll collect fragments of events and tales that can be pieced together to form intriguing stories of the city. The event is available to all players who have reached game level 17 or higher and lasts until the end of the main event.


 Memento Cards are divided into collections. By combining the 5 cards in a collection, you can get the final card. After assembling each collection, you will get great rewards and discover an interesting new story about the life of the city.


 After assembling a certain number of cards, you will get unique rewards—a temporary name plaque and an exclusive avatar frame. And, if you collect all the Memento Cards, you unlock a unique new trophy.


Rarity of cards and ways to get them

"Each card is a unique collection item with its own story. Cards have different levels of rarity, from regular to legendary. Rarity is indicated by the number of stars—the more stars, the rarer the card.


Levels of rarity:


- 1 star – regular

- 2 stars – rare

- 3 stars – mythical

- 4 stars – legendary


Cards can be obtained from packs. The rarer the card, the harder it is to obtain. All obtained cards are stored in the event collections window even after the end of Creative Meetings.

Fortune Card

If you want to assemble a collection more quickly, you can use the Fortune Card. The Fortune Card can substitute a Memento Card of any rarity in any collection. Once activated, the Fortune Card disappears, and the selected Memento Card appears in the collection. The Fortune Card can be obtained in special offers.

Packs contain Memento Cards. The higher the rarity of the pack, the more cards it contains:

- A Regular Pack contains 1 card of regular rarity
- A Rare Pack contains 2 cards, of which at least 1 is rare
- A Mythical Pack contains 3 cards, of which at least 1 is mythical
- A Legendary Pack contains 4 cards, of which at least 1 is legendary.

Obtaining and opening packs

Packs can be obtained by exploring the main event location and as rewards for completing mini-events. You can also always obtain packs in the Darkwood Stories Store and at the Bank. Furthermore, packs can also be bought in special offers.

Don't forget to open the packs you obtain to find out which cards you've received. At the end of the event, all unopened packs will disappear.