Reach level 12.
Magister's Path is a competition between guilds where guild members collectively earn guild points for exploring locations listed in the event window. Your active participation will get you valuable rewards!

To take part in the Magister's Path event, you must be a member of any guild at the time the event begins. If you join a guild when the competition has already begun, you can only participate in the next event.

Your rewards depend on what league you're in. The higher your league, the bigger your rewards. In total, there are five leagues in the game, Wooden being the lowest and Diamond the highest. You move to a different league gradually. To get into a higher league, take the top spots in guild competitions. Please note that if your guild ranks at the bottom of the leaderboard in a competition, you can lose your current position and move back to your previous league.
If two guilds have gained the same number of points at the end of an event, first place goes to the guild that scored its points earlier.

You need unity crystals to get a guild emblem. The number of crystals you get depends on your guild's league and position on the leaderboard.
Keep up with the Magister's Path schedule in advance on our official Facebook page, where we post event calendars every week.