Reach level 8.
Take part in the game event: set out on an exciting adventure with the adorable Yeti! Every week, a new event stage will be available to you. As you and Yeti travel along the route, you'll be able to get lots of rewards.

The game event lasts 28 days. Each event stage lasts 7 days.

Access passes and energy aren't expended when completing event stages.
There are 2 tracks on the Yeti's route.
You will get guaranteed free-track rewards by completing stage levels.

Paid-track rewards are more valuable. You can unlock them by buying a stage key.

A stage key is an access pass for paid-track rewards. By purchasing it, you'll unlock more valuable and unique rewards. Each stage requires its own key.
You'll get rewards for the levels and stages you've completed, including paid-track rewards if you purchased keys.

Please note that progress along the free and paid tracks happens simultaneously.

You can get exclusive stickers on the last level of each stage by buying that stage's key.

You can get a unique avatar for purchasing all 4 stage keys.
If you don't complete a stage in time, you can complete a stage that's finished if you purchase that stage's key. The stage will be available to you until the game event ends.
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