During the Starcatcher mini-event, a special game mode will be available where you get stars for the remaining exploration time. The more time left on the timer, the more stars you will get!

If the remaining time is 0:29 or less, you will get 2 stars.
If the remaining time is between 0:30 and 1:59, you will get 4 stars.
If the remaining time is 2:00 or more, you will get 6 stars.

Please note that you can only play the special mode by pressing the Play button in the Starcatcher mini-event window!

During this mini-event, the Flying Time tool will have a longer gap between activations in the special game mode—45 seconds.

Once an event is over, you will no longer need the access passes you've accumulated, so they are converted into access passes for premium locations.
If unnecessary access passes were not converted immediately after the end of an event, this will happen a little later.