In the game, you may get chests that contain collection items. As a rule, these chests and their contents are linked to a specific game event.
To see the list of items and their drop rate, you can press on the chest image and then on the blue "i" information button.
Three kinds of chests should be particularly noted: Marble Chests, Carved Chests, and Rare Chests. They contain items from all collections except for event ones.
The drop rate of each collection item from Marble Chests is 0.1%.
The drop rate of each collection item from Carved Chests is 0.2%.
The drop rate of each collection item from Rare Chests is 0.3%.
Below is a list of the names of collections from which items can be received from the above-mentioned chests:
Marble Chests
Carved Chests
Stationery Kit
Tea Set
Bowl of Cookies
Rare Coins
Combat Crossbow
Basket of Food
Hunting Traps
Loyal Assistants
Tasty Baked Goods
Detective's Kit
Venetian Masks
Great Books
Band of Knights
Mysterious Box
Reporter's Satchel
Ancient Ciphers
Precious Crystals
Spy Equipment
Legends of Asgard
Dynastic Records
Ancient Plate
Chemistry Set
Secret Teachings
Ancient Treasure
Golden Armor
Herbal Tea
Ben's Things
Valuable Cufflinks
Legacy of the Olympians
Cunning Disguise
Fine Cups
Electric Circuit
Tarot Deck
Sports Equipment
Musical Instruments
Model Town
Circus Tent
Holiday Fireworks
Pirate Gear
Exploring the Catacombs
Gentleman's Things
Lady's Things
Amazing Insects
Sinister Artifacts
Policeman's Things
Fishing Tackle
Navigator's Kit
Traditions of the Celestial Empire
Greatest Invention
Maze Experiment
Weather Forecast
The Epicenter of the Explosion
Dark Rebirth
New Lead
Prestigious Education
Alchemist's Path
New Fears
City Problems
Fierce Battle
Toy Box
Purebred Cats
Still Life
Warm Scarf
Fine Fragrance
Family Heirlooms
Shadow Play
Chocolate Fondue
Magician's Tools
Costume for Ben
Rescue Mission
Rare Exhibits
Engraved Spell
Special Equipment
Flower Garden
Memorable Figurines
Mayoral Inauguration
Steam Robot
Romantic Surprise
Memories of Harry
Recovered Clues
Seeking Annabelle
Academic Treasures
Medallion of Power
Property of Gordon Byron
Treasured Hobbies
Childhood Memories
Hot on the Trail
Independent Investigation
Timely Intervention
Secret Hideaway
Friendly Parcels
Unusual Rarities
Forest Finds
Elizabeth Artifacts
Dangerous Discoveries
True Hobbies
Flawless Alibi
Buried Past
Failed Actor
Into the Mine
Adventure in the Mine
Searching for the Scientist
Rare Collection
Treacherous Path
Mine's Treasure
Well Rescue
The Great Alchemist
Mysterious Symbols
Landmark Inventions
Clues to the Treasure
Mystery of the Door
Tea Bouquet
Art of Origami
Date with a Beloved
Witch's Travel Guide
Legend of the Witch
Mysterious Monster
Hints in History
Visiting Agnes
Magic Ingredients
Ursula's Memories
Scientist's Advice
Foreign Treasures
Anna Sherwood's Treasures
Things with History
Finding the Flower
Weapon against the Witch
Mister Word
Daily Rituals
Mysterious Stalker
Artist's Story
Distant Voyages
Memories of Richard
Ominous Messages
Fire Magic
Darkwood Legends
Tracing the Author
Mister Word's Steganography
Key Keepers
Heirlooms of House Smallcat
Citizen's Losses
Legends of the Horseman
Family Jewelry
Ambushing a Criminal
Mystery of the Dark Horseman
Spring Flowers
Favorite Game
Forgotten Past
Newspaper Clippings
Warlock's Gifts
Harbingers of Misfortune
Precious Products
Sharp Blades
Catching the Criminal
Tea with the Impostor
Luxurious Party
Swindler's Trick
Hunt with Clyde
Before the Disappearance
Clyde Templeton's Past
Lady Byron's Concern
Pretend Dinner Party
Vital Force
Sincere Motives
Search for Clyde Templeton
Clay Figures
Mysterious Fragments
Ominous Mist
The Lady's Secret
The Mayor's Secret
Expedition Preparations
Set from Helen
Mysterious Jewelry
Souvenirs from a Stranger
Gordon's Things
Protection from Bad Weather
Helping Gordon
Gordon's Rescue
The Stranger's Belongings
Anomalies of the Mist
Visiting the Evanses
Johnny's Children's Box
Independent Search
Mysterious Signs
Obstacles in the Mist
Tokens of the Vanished
Mysterious Puppets
Reliable Sources
Curious Ending
Ben's Concern
Mystery of the Cave
Cave Paintings
Lifeboat Equipment
Seals of the Mist
Mist Keys
Ship Rescue
Evidence Against the Seeker
Torn-out Pages
Historical Notes
Archaeologist Costume
Robber's Traces
Left Messages
Exotic Fruits
Soccer Tournament
Military Uniform
Embroidery Club
Scientific Experiment
Mayoral Heritage
Children's Play
Byron Heirlooms
Book of Darkwood
Medical Supplies
Missing Music
Bird Nest
Magic Experiment
Hunting Gear
Hat Exhibition
Picnic Set
Weapon Collection
Chocolate Surprise
Ninja Gear
Medicinal Herbs
Catching a Cat
Officer's Belongings
Kitchen Knives
Green City
Bear Mountain
Salvadore's Portraits
Treat for the Colonel
Preparing for the Meeting
Writer's Belongings
Scientist's Perfume
Colorful Seashells
Rare Fabrics
Mythical Figurines
Book of Knowledge
Apple Feast
Weapons of Antiquity
Family Bas-relief
Handmade Present
A Mushroom Experiment
Fun Game
Labors of Hercules
Unexpected Gifts
Porcelain Statuettes
Magic Tricks
Searching for the Lyre
Adventure Seeker
Lost Memories
Former Seeker
Lost Legacy
Message from the Seeker
Seeker's Diary
Circus of Fun
Circus Buffet
Clown Performance
Chasing the Shadows
Search for Criminals
Test for Magic
Ursula's Story
Carl Delacroix
Incident in the Forest
Help for Johnny
Gordon's Mementos
Gifts for the Sailors
Feast on the Ship
Charlotte's Confession
Agnes's Story
Desserts of the World
Trees of Darkwood
Toy Ships
Evans House Paintings
A Revealing Article
Tasty Seeds
Secret Maps
Evans's Talismans
Tales of the Shadows
Ben's Story
Trip to the Mine
Rare Flowers
A Lion's Secret
Gardener's Kit
Ursula's Treasures
New Violin
Dance Costume
Assembling a Microscope
Sleeping Powder
Spy Kit
Potion of the Past
Amulet of Power
Gordon's Dragons
Anna's Dolls
Gifts from a Stranger
Article on the Sweep
Magic Cards
Traces in the Clothing Store
Royal Goods
Dress Decorations
Star Recipe
Cheerful Sewing
Lost Parcels
Indian Attire
Storytelling Dance
Traditional Instruments
Handmade Recorder
Dinner with Friends
Lady's Things
Music Scores
Actor's Props
Flamenco Dance
Traces of Mysterious Robbers
Gremlin Hunting
Horse Tack
Flower Girl's Greenhouse
Sonorous Voice Elixir
Ursula's Clock
Sewing Machine
Young Detective
Traders' Losses
Home Protection
Augustus's Treasures
Shadow Leader's Portrait
Ball Dresses
Flower Girl's Earrings
Ball Contest
Shy Actor
New Evidence
Informant's Arrest
Search for the Informant
Artist's Wood
Missing Exhibition
Partner for Ben
Gold Monument
Family History
Lady on the Run
Preparing for Battle
Chasing after Carl
Rich Man's Whims
Colonel's Report
Perfect Performance
In Search of Alfred
Ghost Hunt
Mysterious Alfred
Mask's Destruction
Liberating Alfred
Combat Gear
New Weaponry
Wang Wei's Antiques
Gremlin Tracking
Inventive Measures
Out of the Ashes
Museum Donations
Clyde and Charlotte
Marriage Fraud
Wedding Preparations
Bridal Gown
Wedding Ceremony
Help for Clyde
Suspicious Finds
Informant's Secrets
Examination of Witnesses
Prophetic Dreams
Enchantress of the Oak Forest
Past and Future
Contest Preparations
Exhibition Decoration
Missing Exhibits
Real-World Trials
Townspeople's Dreams
City Council
Townspeople's Protest
Fight in the Forest
Attack on the Council
Darkwood Tree
Looming Threat
Missing from the Photo Studio
Attire for Sarah
Let there be light!
Lost in the Darkness
Magic Lock
Dark Ritual
Mystery of the Anthology
Catching the Villain
Going Fishing
Great Catch
The Mysterious Barrel
Son of the Sun
Nostromo's Design
Artifact Hunter
Offering of Magic
Meeting with the Ghost
Festive Play
Preparation Difficulties
Breaking Oblivion
A Peal of Bells
The Children's Help
Fighting the Chaos
Witch's Potion
Important Parts
Lost Pets
In Search for the Postman
Judge's Salvation
Carl's Suspicions
Mysterious Cipher
Mist Generator
Helping the People
Drill Preparations
Anonymous Clues
Carl's Compensation
Young Journalist
Stolen Gold
Chess Tournament
Charlotte's Gift
Love Confession
Getting Ready for a Date
Device Assembly
Frightened Birds
Blacksmith's Gifts
Museum Losses
Broken Device
The People's Losses
Zionil's Pendulum
Search for the Diagram
The Missing Director
The Mayor's Story
Searching the Theater
Locker Cracking
At the Fortune Teller's
Director's Portrait
Wang Wei's Story
Fortune Teller's Verdict
Hot on the Trail
Clyde's Belongings
Helping Lady Byron
Analyzing Clyde
The Witch's Visit
Preparing to Descend
Charlotte's Rescue
Charlotte's Story
Strange Events
Incident with the Woodsman
Dance Courses
Judge Gone Wild
Art Knows No Bounds
Or Best Offer
Witch's Help
Perfect Writing
Passion for Fashion
Mysterious Vision
Unknown Identity
Friends' Headquarters
Party in the Orphanage
Multicolored Presents
Funny Toys
Delacroix's Nephew
Establishing Blood Ties
Salvation of the Leavers
Studying the Mist
Battle against the Mist
Undelivered Bouquets
Modest Admirer
All for Bravery
Mailman's Route
Package Interception
Amulet of Happy Love
Children's Orchestra
Lost Sheet Music
Musician's Inspiration
Children's Antics
Teacher's Experience
Lesson Plan
Mysterious Creature
Helping the Salamander
Trip to the Lake
Gremlin Removal
Clean Bottom
Getting to Know You
Interview with a Wanderer
Clothes for Gray
Dinner Party
Hoggarth's Theory
Underwater Treasure
Werewolves' Lair
Helping the Colonel
Souvenir Figurines
Carl's Gift
Medicinal Soup
Thorough Preparation
Surprise from Clyde
News about Rose
Memory Lane
Secret of Dreams
Gifts for the Staff
Cleaning up the Newsroom
Playing Seekers
Ship Repairs
Witch's Suspicions
Rich Man's Collection
Colonel's Investigation
Darkwood's Safety
In Search of Gray
Potion for Gray
Searching for a Shoot
Planting a Tree
Ambiguous Testimonies
On the Thief's Trail
Compelling Stories
Obvious Evidence
Window to the Future
Sweet Gratitude
Flower Girl's Trail
Surprised Residents
On the Violin's Trail
Museum Archives
Card Revelations
Final Composition
Tribute to Memory
Gray's Questioning
Historical Artifacts
Talisman of the Founders
Artifacts of the Grotto
Photo Report
Photo Paintings
Legacy of the Byrons
Helping the Museum
Historical Values
Cracked Earth
Tasty Support
Pack's Tricks
Mysterious Poisoner
Brazen Theft
Founders' Records
Witch's Story
Skirmish with Carl
Generous Gifts
Victory Picnic
Cheerful Picnic
City Rounds
Ash Analysis
Havoc in the Museum
Carl's Apology
Prophetic Dream
Pedestal's Secret
Hidden Scroll
Plant Disease
Second Omen
School Days
Foundation History
Secret of the Founders
Richard Wood
Old Secret
Townspeople's Expectations
Clyde's Concern
Gray's Whims
Ship's Safety
Protective Fence
Long-Awaited Routine
Guest Facilities
Tasty Reception
Exquisite Leisure
Memories of the Feast
Carl's Preparations
Friendly Support
Portrait for the Museum
Rare Gemstones
School Fun
Scary Evidence
Dark Teacher
Mysterious Ghost
Get Ready to Spy
Informant's Secrets
Secret Signs
Watching the Townspeople
A Second Informant
Agent's Questioning
Tiara Theft
The Captain's Innocence
Shipboard Mess
Writer's Memories
Lame Duck?
Election Preparations
Campaign Play
Street Decorations
Musical Instruments
Dangerous Playground
Low Energy
Perking the Mayor Up
Recovery Assistance
Townspeople's Support
Mayoral Manifesto
Campaign Materials
Versatile Personality
New Playground
Mayoral Debate
Allegations of Hypnosis
Precious Items Fair
Concern for Charlotte
Smallcat's New Look
Preliminary Election
Secret Deck
Delacroix's Popularity
Saving the Treasures
Fire Evacuation
Extinguishing the Fire
Grateful to Smallcat
Delacroix's Attempt
Mayoral Election
Fashion Fairy
The Rise of the Monster
Stories of the Monster
Destroyed City
The Brave Delacroix
Protecting the City
Hoggarth's Discovery
Battle for the Tree
Mysterious Descent
Way to Salvation
City Recovery
The Unknown Beauty
Sincere Gratitude
Lost in Time
Celebration of Victory
Romantic Dinner
The Unknown Lady's Care
Strange Behavior
Delacroix's Rescue
Who's Behind It?
Unknown Lady's Secret
Meeting the Past
Wedding Portrait
Caring for a Friend
Crafty Thief
Deceived Feelings
Spawn of the Curse
Living Legends
Attack on the Museum
Tricks or Magic?
Traces of Damian
Secret Treasure
Following the Visions
Council's Decision
Secret Passage
Horrid Birds
Delacroix's Back!
Gift Set
Search for Agnes
Deal with the Witch
Fiery Prison
Power of Herbs
Incomprehensible Secrets
Public Discourse
Detailed Search
Helen's Worries
Surviving Instruments
Traces of Thomson
Secret of the Mine
Events in the Mine
Source of Magic
Unpublished Story
According to the Book
Auction Lots
Preparations for the Auction
Auction Expectations
Anonymous Threats
Urgent Investigation
Wanted for Theft
Problems with the Portrait
Cursed Painting
Two Heads
Secrets in the Ruins
Mystery of the Watch
Mysterious Theory
Search for the Mysterious House
Confused Story
The Colonel's Health
Just What the Doctor Ordered
Snake Hunter
Winding Trail
Witch's Word
Witch's Ritual
Subterranean Secrets
Townspeople's Meeting
Trip into the Tunnel
Collecting Opinions
Close Surveillance
Poisoning Investigation
Up to Speed
Mystery of the Statue
Forgotten Signs
Treasures of the Monsters
Message from the Past
Secret Room
Nagas and Snakes
Hissing in the Dark
Dinner for Goodman
Crime Scene
On the Misty Trail
Quid Pro Quo
Forest Expedition
Villain's Identity
Hugo's Account
Headline-Grabbing Arrest
Saving Gray
New Evidence
Scene of the Incident
Fisherman's Story
Monster Hunt
Underwater Expedition
Court Hearing
Enigmatic Disappearance
First Date
Grand Ceremony
Underwater Finds
Secrets of the Underground Mansion
Best Friends
Wolf Ritual
Bad Dream
The Hunt Begins
Visiting the Hospital
The Scientist's Conclusions
Goodman's Interrogation
Lovers' Day
Double Engagement
Time Machine Test Run
Attack in the Prison
Goodman's Secrets
Desperate Chase
The Fight Begins
Goodman's Supporters
Shocking Answer
Battle for the Oak
Enemies and Allies
Fight against Goodman
Fear and Distrust
Citywide Meeting
Emergency Investigation
Weapon for the Witch
Seeker's Team
Might of the Substance
Something's Wrong in Darkwood
Strange Procession
Servants of the Mist
Battle for the Tree
Witch vs. Goodman
Community Service
Clues from Nature
Caring for the Witch
Destructive Artifact
Gratitude to the Witch
Monsters in the City
Unequal Fight
Enigmatic Ailment
Personal Responsibility
Miraculous Recovery
Upsurge in Anomalies
Prophecy about Sylvia
Summoning Ritual
Flourishing Nature
Sylvia, Help!
Purification Ritual
Wedding Fuss
Groom's Worries
Rumors and Gossip
Steps toward Reconciliation
Pleasant Surprises
Happiness and Sorrow
Unexpected Threat
Desperate Plan
Fighting a Criminal
Guiding Light
Unexpected Discovery
Unknown Symptoms
New Beginnings
Tea Party at the Witch's
Mysterious Beast
Valuable Specimen
Tracking the Beast
Fight in the Forest
After the Bite
Paths to Salvation
In Search of a Remedy
Moon Dance
The Witch's Secret
Flower Girl's Care
Searching for the Werewolf
Fear of the Werewolf
The Informant's Secret
Encounter atop the Tower
In Search of Truth
Educating Ben
Delacroix's Amusements
Following the Impostor
Exposing the Impostor
Helen's Investigation
Secret Search
Rescuing the Mayor
Long-Awaited Reunion
Problem Student
Vision of the Past
Gray's Mind
Damian's Hiding Place
Dark Energy
Two Trees
Tough Decision
Call of the Darkness
Unrequited Feelings
Urgent Research
Signs of Despair
The Residents' Concerns
Staged Photograph
Missing Granddaughter
Ambush in the Archive
Battle in the Library
Exposing the Deceit
Consequences of Lying
Troubled Times
Accident at the Hut
Attack on the Laboratory
Lesson at Delacroix's
The Smallcats' Dilemma
Witch's Transformation
Caged Beast
Consequences of Lying
Troubled Times
Accident at the Hut
Attack on the Laboratory
Lesson at Delacroix's
The Smallcats' Dilemma
Witch's Transformation
Caged Beast
Life Beyond the Mist
Outcome of the Experiment
Dinner for Gordon
Love Trials
Long-Awaited Reconciliation
Rage of Monsters
Fiery Threat
On the Trail of the Darkness
Under the Guise of a Gremlin
Emergency Measures
Dangerous Climb
Descending into the Cave
Miraculous Salvation
Thickening Shadows
Last Lesson
Meeting in the Dark
Time of the Shadows
Mentor's Disappearance
Delacroix's Heir
Following the Shadows
Secret Fellowship
Trials for Helen
Rules and Prohibitions
Portrait Series
Foundress's Descendant
The Safe's Riches
Triumph of the Shadows
Training the Recruits
Trial by Combat
Roots of the Shadows
Dangerous Trip
Caring Friends
Gray's Rehabilitation
Mysterious Egg
Searching for Crystals
Message from the Shadows
Interrogating a Shadow
Sarah's Mission
Desperate Escape
Locating Crystals
Gray Stranger
Indirect Evidence
Scientific Disputes
Search for a Vocation
Laid-Back Picnic
Confronting the Criminal
Turbulent Times
Preparing Volunteers
Pharmacist's Choice
Safe Place
Meeting the Witch
Comfort for Ben
Day with a Volunteer
Newsroom Guests
Article about Harry
Dangerous Truth
At the Moon's Bidding
Extraordinary Approach
Patrolling with the Captain
Battle on the Shore
Miraculous Revival
Living With a Witch
First Flight
Rescue Attempt
Preparing for a Capture
Prophecy of the Forest
Table Talks
Return from the Mist
Mind Invasion
Mystery of the Crystal
Flight and Fall
Mystery of the Sound
Recognition of the Council
Preparing for Dinner
Brilliant Idea
Self-Defense Course
Mist Rising
Searching the Orphanage
Something in the Mist
Colossus in the City
Weak Spots
Collective Feat
Underground Lair
Dangerous Power
Fight for the Crystal
Return of the Guardian
Guardian's Rage
Depths of Memory
City Reconstruction
Unbelievable Discovery
Descent into the Tunnels
Nostromo's Treasury
Self-Taught Mage
Two Descendants
Ancient Hiding Place
Gauntlet of Might
Saving Ben
Mentor's Rescue
The Right Way
Lord's Return
Fair Trial
After the Fireworks
Secret Engraving
Spirit of History
Search for the Engraving
Fall of Delacroix
Important Decisions
Big Move
Skillful Restoration
Clock Riddle
Last Part
Long-Awaited Step
First Failure
Love and Care
Winged Nightmare
Gordon's Disappearance
Smugglers' Lair
Dangerous Smugglers
Sudden Corrections
Big Announcement
Birth of Something New
Search for Antiquities
Underwater Diving
Sunken Gardens
Underwater Rescue
Incredible Salvation
Fight for the Engraving
Difficult Choice
Spy Games
Bits of Information
Trial and Error
Lessons of the Past
Useful Changes
Dangerous Surveillance
Gathering of the Shadows
Ghostly Feat
Shadow of Everything
Unacceptable Price
Mage's Sincerity
Extensive Monitoring
Ethics and Politics
Thorough Investigation
Premonition of Trouble
Gordon's Fate
Mental Vacation
Engagement Announcement
Purification Rite
Crystal Ritual
Remnants of Hope
Waves of Solace
Looked After
Wedding Bells
Daring Incursion
Shadows' Plans
Conversation with the Mayor
Wings of Panic
Here and Now
Presumption of Innocence
Way of the Heart
Changed Traditions
Visiting Friends
Fond Memories
Tracking the Enemy
Father's Call
Number One Enemy
Fierce Confrontation
Craving Answers
Heated Debate
Through Gray's Eyes
Fateful Tower
Visiting the Past
Founders' Meeting
Mother's Gift
Fortified Hospital
Chosen Descendant
Descendant on the Run
Not So Easy
Drilling Machine
Turmoil in the Repository
Mr. Gray's Story
Roses Can Prick
Unknown Rose
Flame of Battle
Fight on Bear Mountain
Sneaky Ambush
High Risk
True Identity
Decisive Attempt
Final Battle
Line of Defense
Descendants of the Founders
Dance of Time
Second Chance
Only Truth
In Ben's Style
Lady's Oddities
Pies and Consolations
Things for the Baby
Gremlin Vandals
Strange Arrest
Gifts of the Depths