Location modes alternate absolutely randomly and change only after a location has been successfully explored.
Some quests require specific location modes.

Read quest hints carefully. To change a location's mode, explore the location until the required mode appears in it. Unfortunately, you cannot summon a specific mode to a specific location.

There are six location exploration modes:
Text mode: you are given a list of objects you need to find.

Silhouette mode: you are shown the silhouettes of the required objects.

Night mode: you are given a list of objects as text, but the location is darkened.

Match mode: you need to find identical objects hidden in a location.

Morph mode: you need to find objects that transform and change into other objects.

Anagram mode: in this mode, the letters in the names of the objects on the list are scrambled.
You can get this mode after successfully exploring a location with an anomaly or dispelling it using a special tool.