There are 5 kinds of tools in the game that help you when exploring locations and solving puzzles:

- Precise Arrow:
When exploring locations, removes a random item from the list.
In the Haunted Lights puzzle, the Precise Arrow removes a lightbulb or activates a special lightbulb as you prefer.In the Treasure Box puzzle, the Precise Arrow removes a gem or activates a special tile as you prefer.In the Mosaic, it puts a random piece of the puzzle in the right place.
In the Ancient Cards puzzle, the Precise Arrow removes one pair of cards.

- Lightning in a Bottle can only be used when exploring locations. It finds 3 objects from the list.

- The Magic Lantern can only be used in night mode. It will illuminate a location for 35 seconds.

- Flying Time adds 45 more seconds to the timer when exploring a location or solving a puzzle.

- The Star Wand is only available during a special mini-event. This tool allows you to remove a selected element or obstacle in the event puzzle.

- Glove:
In the Treasure Box puzzle, moves one selected tile. Doesn't count as a move in a move-based game.

- The Double Rocket is used in the Treasure Box puzzle. Removes a selected row and column. Doesn't count as a move in a move game.