Guild points can be obtained by completing guild quests. These points are added to your guild's score, helping it move up the leaderboard of the Magister's Path event. What's more, they will help you get personal rewards during the event!

You will get 10 points every time you explore any location without the fire icon. If a location is marked with the fire icon, the points will triple, and you'll get 30 points.

Number of explorations at each rank before moving on to the next:
Novice: 5
Amateur: 8
Connoisseur: 12
Sleuth: 25
Detective: 50
Virtuoso: 100
Expert: 175
Master: 300
Grand Master: 500

You also simultaneously get points for increasing a location rank in the guild event:
Novice: 5 points
Amateur: 6 points
Connoisseur: 7 points
Sleuth: 10 points
Detective: 15 points
Virtuoso: 20 points
Expert: 35 points
Master: 60 points
Grand Master: 100 points

The fire icon indicates that if you successfully explore a marked location, you will receive three times as many guild points as usual. The number in the icon shows how many times you can explore this location with the bonus before the icon moves on to another location.

Personal progress is a meter that shows how many guild points you need to collect in order to receive a great personal reward!

If two guilds have gained the same number of points at the end of an event, first place goes to the guild that scored its points earlier.